Personal Renamer can Rename files just about any way you like, take a look at some of its features.



New Features
  • Split filename at desired location, and keep any items in any order.
  • Internal file changes (edit the contents of any text file while renaming)
  • Personal Renamer is now Portable! (No installation Needed, Quick and Safe)
  • Current or custom Date can now be added to filename.

Additional Features

  • Directory Monitor, Auto Rename files and move/copy to different directory
  • Custom timer – Only renames files at the interval that you set.
  • Case conversion upper and lowercase.
  • Consecutive numbers and Letters. 1 2 3, AA AB AC
  • Remove all numbers, letters, spaces and symbols.
  • Filename trimming, ignore/keep specified number of characters from left or right of filename
  • Rename or remove file extensions.
  • Change filename (Creation and Modified) dates
  • Change read-only/hidden/system file attributes.
  • Save rename settings, file lists, to INI file and reload them at any time.
  • Move, Copy or just rename files in same folder
  • Run multiple folder monitors at once, with different renaming rules for different files.
  • Drag and Drop files or folder from windows explorer for quick file loading.
  • Save/Log all file changes and errors.
  • Quickrename feature renames files with 1 click and no questions asked.
  • Detail or Image View (View your photo’s while renaming them)
  • Undo your rename mistakes (more than once)
  • Cheapware, this program is extremely low cost compared to others and it does more.
  • No connection to Internet required
  • No subscriptions
  • No promotional emails from us



Know this software is safe for your computer, See personal renamer on Softpedia

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